Lyft offers free rides to Chicago warming centers during record-breaking temps


With temperatures in the single digits and wind chill values as low as 30 degrees below zero expected over the next week, Chicagoans struggling to keep warm have some options.

Several state-owned buildings, including 113 community centers, 62 park fieldhouses, libraries and police stations, open their doors to anyone during daytime hours to provide relief from the cold.

Why Chicago shouldn't throttle Uber and Lyft

Maybe advocates of limiting the number of ride-hailing vehicles are right that city streets are more congested. But even if true, much better options are available than a cap.

Editorial: Chicago, don't ape New York's ride-share restrictions

One reason Uber and Lyft are so popular is their ubiquity. You don’t have to wait long after tapping on your app and agreeing on a price. What if, however, there was a limit to the number of Uber or Lyft cars that could ply Chicago streets?

Chance the Rapper and Lyft Raise $60,000 for CPS

Lyft rider contributions from in-app feature support arts and literature programs for Chicago students

USING THE LYFT company’s Round Up and Donate in-app, riders were able to donate to Chance the Rapper’s nonprofit, SocialWorks, which in-turn supported arts and literature programs in Chicago Public Schools.

The High Cost of Saving Travel Time

Are commuters changing how they value their minutes? A new study of time/cost trade-offs between transit, Uber, and Lyft is a hint.

Time is a precious and nonrenewable resource. Lose it or save it, and you can’t trade it in for something else. But time can be traded off, depending on how you value it. And when it comes to the time we spend traveling, that value is in flux.

Maybe CTA Should Work With – Not Fight Uber and Lyft

The Chicago Transit Authority should try to partner with ride-hailing services, particularly in poorly served areas of the city, rather than getting its back up and treating Uber and Lyft as competitors.

Lyft to Offer Free Rides to Near West Side “March For Our Lives” Saturday

On Saturday, tens of thousands of young people from across the city and suburbs are expected to converge on Union Park for Chicago’s March for Our Lives demonstration, one of many being staged around the country.

Lyft’s New Arcade Cabinets Let You Play Games to Raise Money for Charity

The sheer number of arcade bars in Chicago proves that we’re the kind of city that likes to enjoy a few cold ones while we work on setting a high score on the Ms. Pac-Man machine.

Lyft-branded beer offers ride discounts; gets limited release at Chicago bars

As you might expect, Lyft has reams of data about its customers’ ride-sharing habits — who is calling rides, where and when. That data led to an unlikely avenue to try connecting with its audience at a deeper level: beer.